1st. Romania Meeting
Greece Team Impressions

1st meeting: Gheorgheni, Romania – 2nd and 7th December 2018

“It was a well-organized meeting, marked by its friendly atmosphere and intimate setting. Instrumental in that, was the behavior of Carmen and the other teachers, as well as the enthusiasm and eagerness of the students. So, it was easy to break the ice between people, communicate with each other and express their mind. It was an unrepeatable and unique meeting and we are looking forward to the next.”

Vasiliki Tzanni

“I had an amazing trip at Romania. First of all the family who took care of me this week was very polite and I think that they couldn’t be better. Also I learned lots of things about entrepreneurs and volunteers from the lessons we did. Last but not least I made lots of new good friends who I hope to see again soon.”

Marios Palatianos

“My trip in Romania is unforgettable. First I love the archaeological sites, because they were very unique. The activities that have taken place I learned lot about the volunteering and the entrepreneurship. My favorite activity is the Christmas designs. My host was very good, because the family was very hospitable and good-hearted people. I met a lot of friends with different languages and daily life, this is very important for me. In this trip we visited a lot of public sights one of them is the palace of the Dragon. I had a great time and have fun. I am very lucky because I was given this opportunity.”

Fenia Krommydelli

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