1st. Romania Meeting
Romania Team Impressions

1st meeting: Gheorgheni, Romania – 2nd and 7th December 2018

“Friday, the last day for almost everyone, was a bit sad for me because I realized that tomorrow the week will get to the end and everything will be like one week ago- monotonous and boring. The participants learned the Romanian traditional sport “Oina”, a traditional Romaian game “Moara” and after that we had the last lesson of entrepreneurship- how to make a business card and a promotional business flyer.
For me, this week was amazing, I met a lot of nice people with warm hearts. I learned about different cultures and I realized how different we are, but special in our own way. I think I will never forget this moments and all these beautiful people!”

Nan Daria

“This year’s Erasmus+ project meeting was a great experience for me. I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people and intelligent children with whom we will have long friendships. The activities were interesting, useful and exciting and helped us to work together and to get to know each other. I also had the opportunity to host two wonderful children: a girl from Lithuania and a boy from Portugal. Coming from different countries we exchanged ideas, impressions, I got to know different traditions and mentalities. I can say that in these seven days, we were like a family and at their departure we all had tears in our eyes. They are two very clever, understanding, cute and talented children, I have learned a lot from them and we are still in touch.
I am very happy I am part of this project!”

Baroi Andreea

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