High School Myrina


About us

High School of Myrina was established 60 years ago. Our school is located at the capital of Lemnos, an island at the Northeast Aegean Sea. There are about 210 students aged 15 to 18 and more than 20 teachers in our school. The majority of our students live in Myrina and the nearby villages. Most of the students are Greeks. There is a small group of immigrants, about 3 different nationalities, who are welcomed.The school offers excellent learning conditions for all the students.

Qualified teachers, whose expertise covers both theoretical and applied sciences, use active teaching methods to motivate the students and prepare them for the national exams. Many of our students make excellent school results; take part in competitions of all kinds proving their skills and talent. Our students’ extracurricular activities range from sports, dance, drama, arts to languages and ICT. The school football and basketball teams participate to the national school championships. Our graduates get into good universities. Our students take part in different charitable activities; help the elderly and people in need. They also participate to voluntary activities to protect the environment and to enhance social awareness. They are willing to get familiar to the various European countries and cultures in order to understand their way of life as our island is considered a popular tourist destination for many European countries. Participating to Erasmus + project will give the opportunity to our students to travel abroad and contact with different cultures and customs, to increase their learning motivation, to adopt a better, healthier lifestyle and last but not least improve their entrepreneurship skills. Exchange of good practices, adapting new teaching methods and establishing multinational cooperation is an important issue of our school.


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