Vilniaus R. K. Parcevskio Gimnazija


About us

Konstanto Parcevskio Gymnasium provides primary and secondary education to students of a small town Nemencine and villages in the neighbourhood. The school is located in a quiet semi-urban area. This is a regional bilingual school with instruction in Polish and Russian. We teach in total over 500 students (in primary and in secondary school), who are aged from 6 to 19 years old. The teaching staff includes 70 teachers. It is a school of national minorities with instruction in Polish and Russian. Most students come from working families with minimal or average income. Many students get free lunches, so their families cannot afford to travel abroad. We have some students with destructive behavior who come with under-privilliged families. All these cases are closely followed by our specialists such as social teacher, psychologist. Commission for Children’s Wellbeing work towards integration of such students with special needs into educational process. So, we would like to involve such students into project drama activities.Students’ learning motivation is rather low in many classes. Motivation of the rest is medium. Also there are some students and classes with high motivation to learning. Therefore, our project aims at giving more involvement to high risk students , raising general motivation by engaging them in interesting school activities and enabling those who seek high standards in studying to develop their leadership skills and have a scope to implement their different skills and apply knowledge in practical terms. Our students often win in regional contests and Olympiads on a variety of subjects, such as biology, geography, Polish , Russian, English language, ARTS, music. We have had some winners of national contests in the Polish language, Music. The school has run a number of national projects on biology, culture. We have great experience in international projects: a number of etwinning projects, 2 Comenius (one of which was coordinated by our gymnasium) , 1 Nordplus Junior (one of which was coordinated by our gymnasium). Our teachers seek innovation in education: Inesa Rusecka workshops in international conferences on CLIL, collaborative learning, language acquisition, in ICT: She has 3 years of experience as a marketing and PR manager in an international company, so she can provide advice on advertising and be responsible for dissemination. School needs to involve students into meaningful activities which could be incorporated into school curricular and provide some engaging activities after class as well as to bring teachers to work together as a team towards a common motivating goal. As to the quality of education provided by our school, it is medium on average as we have some high achieving students, but most learners, though, are average and there are some under- achievers.


Maria Giamarelou