5th Meeting – Greece

Myrina, 1st to 5th July 2021



What do I have to say about my trip to Lemnos? It was an extraordinary experience. It was my first time in this country and I loved it. I loved my stay in Lemnos, where I met and saw friends from other Erasmus+ meetings. I liked the way of life of the island, its people and also the food. As I love the beach and the sea, I enjoyed the beaches of this island with their serene and blue waters. I visited almost all the island and in particular a bakery, where I got to know the methods of working the wheat and the products that come out of this company. I also enjoyed visiting the Wine Cellar, where the teachers tasted the delicious wines from this winery. I also enjoyed feeling the enthusiasm that the producers put into presenting their wines and the effort they put into promoting this product not only locally but also throughout Greece.

My stay could not have ended better, as my teachers took us to visit the Acropolis in Athens. It was great to have participated in this Erasmus+ Project – Incubator for Future European Entrepreneurs.

Lemnos, Greece.
I am very thankful and happy for realized this trip to Lemnos, it was one of the best experience in my life.
Meting people from other countries and start get to close to them it’s not simple and in the first it was difficult to find confidence to talk to them. But as time passed, I started to feel more confident and chill.
During this trip we visited a lot of places of Lemnos. The Myrina Kastro (castle), the bakery, the church Panagia Kakaviotissa, the desert and the wine house. At the bakery and at the wine house, we learnt about the different processes to make the wine and the bread that is producing on the island.
My favorite place in the island is the Kavirio cave, that is one of the most beautiful sea cave that I ever seen.
All the people in the island were awesome and I did very nice friendships with amazing people. I know that maybe I will never see this people again, but they are all in my heart. The island is small but very pretty and rustic.
Everything it was great the teachers were awesome and were always willing to help at any moment.
I loved everything, especially the day that the islanders took us to canoeing and paddle around the island, it was a funny and beautiful moment with all the group.
It was an amazing week with amazing people and I will always remember these days with some much love.

Maria Cecilia

This trip to Lemnos was one of the best, even the best experience, of my life.
I loved meeting different people from different countries. At first it was a little bit difficult to be chill or to get close to them, however, as time passed I started to feel more confident and relaxed.
I know that maybe, I will never see the majority again, but I am sure that some friendships will be lasting.
During this trip we did a lot of activities. The church Panagia Kakaviotissa, Myrina Kastro (the castle), the bakery and the wine house were some visited places. The bakery and the wine house were nice places, we learnt about the process involved in making bread and wine that is produced on the island. I preferred the church Panagia Kakaviotissa, despite we needed to walk a lot.
All the islanders were nice, everyting was rustic and not very modern. I don’t think this island is very known but it has huges beauties, since cold waters to wonderfull sunset.
Everything went well, all the teachers and the adults involved were 5 stars and were always willing to help.
I enjoyed everything but the best moment of this trip was when the teenagers from the island took us to do canoeing and paddle around the island.
To finish, I just want to say that I am very grateful and contented about everything.

To be honest when I heard that I was chosen to go on this trip I thought it would be normal, only touristic, where we would need to work a lot. I wasn’t nervous nor anxious. To my surprise it was amazing and unforgettable.
I loved every second of this journey. I wasn’t prepared to meet such sensational and friendly people that I’ll forever miss and visit so many places. Beautiful, peaceful, historical and fun places.
Now, moving to my real opinion about this island and trip, my favourite places were the beaches, especially it’s warm, calm and clear water and, of course, the free sun umbrellas; the Filoktitis cave and the Church of Panagia Kakaviotissa, since it had a great view and reminded me of how meaningful my religion is. Honestly, even though I loved these places, the long walk wasn’t so pleasurable. The weather was excellent but it was too hot and sunny to walk.
Our last day was very different. We visited the Poriazi Bakery and the local winery in Portianou village, and that way, for the first time (putting apart what our colleagues and teachers told us while we ate), someone taught us about the island’s food and beverage that was also very delicious. Besides what I mentioned, Limnus was amazing because of the tasty food served in beautiful restaurants, the awesome view we had from our hotel rooms, which, by the way, were more than decent, but especially because of what we did in our free time with our partners. The time spent on beaches, discovering Myrina and it’s streets, the campfire, …, being all of these events organised by our beloved and generous Greek friends.
I had the best time of my life and, let’s not forget that after these days in Limnus we even had the opportunity to visit Athens and the Acropolis.
Patrícia Rosca, Portugal

Our trip to Limnos was amazing. We saw a lot of beautiful beaches and we learned a lot about their culture. During those days we met a lot of new friends. We went to an wine house and a bakery and was really interesting.
I thought that this trip was really important and interesting to improve our english as well to improve our social skills. It was a very cool experience.

Susana Revés



                  Rodrigo Dias

On July 1-5, participants of Erasmus + project “Incubator for Future European Entrepreneurs” from Romania, Portugal, Poland, Greece and Lithuania gathered for the final project meeting on the Greek island of Lemnos, where we summarized the activities of the three-year project. We were impressed to hear about our project friends’ social ideas. It was all meaningful and the real thing. We, the Lithuanian team were proud to report to the peers about the main campaigns organized by Nemenčinė K.Parčevsky Gymnasium: we raised money to support the family affected by the fire and for the Lithuanian Children’s Oncology Association “Consolation”, we supported a family raising a seriously ill child and gathered donations for Vilnius Hospice. We are glad that during 3 years the project participants earned and handed over almost 6,000 euro of donations to those in need. It goes without saying we were overjoyed to see our project friends and have a great time together. -Daniel Gurski

Together with our foreign friends we learnt about business. At the Myrina City School, a team from each country presented “golden” business rules based on the videos of local entrepreneurs. Among the most important components of a successful business were mentioned the following aspects: building of a good team, perseverance to achieve a dream, and continuous learning. Using SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis, the teams developed and presented their “Plan B” on how to reorganize the abandoned hotel complex Kaveiria on the island of Lemnos. Our students decided that this place could be equipped with a shopping and entertainment complex with gyms, a snow arena, contact zoo, spa and hotel in addition to shops and restaurants, which would also solve the problem of unemployment among locals and migrants. – Loreta Liminovič

3. Participants of Erasmus + IFEE project had a great opportunity to meet the entrepreneurs of the village of Portianou. While visiting the Poriazi bakery, we learned about the peculiarities of the family business, about product marketing, continuous quality monitoring and improvement of performance. At the Myrmigos Family winery, the participants learned how wine is produced, how local entrepreneurs develop their production, and how they expand their customer database. The owner of the winery told us about his other businesses – bakeries in Cape Town, which attracted great interest of the participants. – Dominik Maliuk

4. We were challenged by the extreme heat climbing resolutely the mountains, where we admired the ancient Myrina Castle and the panorama of the city below. It was good practice for perseverance, which is crucial in business. We also visited the stunning Ammothines sand dunes in the Lemna Desert, located in the Gomati area. Climbing these loose dunes was like a simulation of what can happen in a business – climbing a mountain takes a lot of effort, and you feel elevated when you get to the top but then you go down. After descending you can climb up again, but you have to be ready and stubborn to do it. Also volunteering was an integral part of the project, so one day we all took part in a voluntary activity – tidying up a beautiful wild beach that is hidden among the impressive rocks. We were awarded with the opportunity to swim and have fun with friends after the activity. – Marcin Rusecki

5. Undoubtedly, to understand local people, we need to know their culture and traditions. The Greek hosts proudly showed us the most beautiful pearls of the native island – the unique late Byzantine-style basilica of Repanidi (Saint George Church) built in 1860, the ancient shrine of Panagia Kakaviotisa, set high in the mountains just off a cliff. At the local museum, the project participants toured archaeological findings and learned about the island’s history. We were very impressed by one of the first amphitheaters, the Hphaisteia, where archeological work is still going on and more and more evidence is being found of how elaborately the ancient Greeks spent their leisure time. On top of that cultural experience, the local food was just wonderful – Greek salad, musaka (baked with eggplant, minced meat and Béchamel sauce), suvlaki (grilled meat pieces) did not leave anyone indifferent. We will remember for a long time the enchanting nature of the sun-pampered island and the hospitality, good-will, sincerity and optimism of the local people, great experiences and adventure that we had with our project friends. – Jolanta Komarovska

Alexandru Ferent

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I was thrilled to hear this project was about my subject of interest. I patiently waited for this trip to Greece ever since 2018, so I was more than excited when I heard it was made possible despite the current world events. I have already met some of the Greek students in 2018 so I was thrilled to meet them again in Greece, but I was just as happy to make new friends. All these new people we met showed us a lot of awesome activities and past times you can do on the island such as kayaking, SUPing, hiking, swimming, clubbing, doing campfires and so on. I loved doing all of these, but my favorite has got to be kayaking, a totally unique and new experience. I had the chance to try. On top of all the new things I had the pleasure to try, I also had the chance to learn new things about entrepreneurship on our visits to a local bakery and winery. This week was a very special one, so I am more than grateful to everybody involved in it, from teachers, to students, to my teammates. Thank you!  

Amalia Ducu

To be honest, I had a pleasant time in this exchange in Greece. At first, I wasn’t too excited to participate because lately I hadn’t been feeling too motivated to do anything fun, but this trip made me feel more energized and fuller of life. I would say having to pick a favorite moment would be an impossible task for me, but If I were forced to choose, I would say going clubbing and kayaking must have been some of my favorite past times in Myrina. I also would like to mention all the amazing friends I’ve made here as they’ve been some of the most amazing people I have ever met, them making me believe that there are still kind people out there. Overall, I’m grateful for this trip and I want to thank everybody involved for making it that way. 

Vivien Olah

When I first heard about this project, I sincerely thought it was going to be an all-time working project, which made me not really thrilled about it, but it all changed when I actually arrived in Limnos and saw the breathtaking scenery of the island. I knew I had to take pictures of everything, so when I would look back at them, I would remember the best week of my life. I loved taking pictures of every place I visited, but some of my favourite “pictures” have been taken in the Cave of Philoctetes, the Sand Dunes of Limnos and the beach bars. Honestly, even though I treasure every photo I’ve taken of the locations I’ve seen there, the most precious ones were the ones with the people I’ve met there. People like Despina, Vasiliki, Marilena, Antonis, Kostas and so on, were some of the most heart-warming people I have ever met. I adored this place so-so much that when I was having fun SUPing I accidentally broke off one of my nails, leaving a little piece of me in this lovely place. 

Alexandra Moldovan

As I was the youngest one of the assembly, I wasn’t so confident I would become part of the groups involved as I am more of a shy person when meeting new people, but being together with all the people implicated in this project made opening up a piece of cake for me. This island was so pretty that I enjoyed every single moment we spent of the beach sunbathing, swimming, jumping off cliffs or even volunteering to clean it up. I also took great pleasure in trying out every dish that has been offered to us everyday at lunch or dinner. I must mention the people I’ve met here: Greeks, Lithuanians and Portuguese alike, especially the Lithuanians with which I share lots of fond memories together, because without everybody this trip would have just been boring. Last but not least, I want to thank not only the students involved, but the teachers and coordinators because without them we wouldn’t have met and done all these awesome things together at all.

Laura Oniga 

When I first found out that we were actually going to go to Greece I was pleasantly surprised as I was not expecting this trip due to Covid-19 and the fact that it was postponed more than a year later, but here we are, just a week after and I still can’t believe it was possible. To be honest, I would have never been able to imagine or even comprehend how awesome this trip would turn out to be. I’m so grateful for all the memories I’ve made there with not just the foreign students but also my teammates from Romania with which I’ve grew closer as friends, something I wasn’t anticipating at all. It would my pleasure to thank everybody involved in the organizing of this exchange, students and teachers alike, as it would have not been achievable without them. Not before finish I would like to mention the day when we exchanged gifts with the Greek students as it was a very emotional and memorable scene for me, one which I will probably never forget. 

2018-2020 Greece was the last destination included in the Erasmus program. From 1/6/21 to 5/6/21 we experienced a lot of activities with our foreign the new friendships we formed made this experience amazing and unforgettable.
First of all, at this last meeting we learnt how to create a plan B for our enterprise and how to succeed in our business by following and applying the SWOT analysis technique. Therefore, we visited several local businesses, the bakery and the winery, in order to expand our knowledge and improve our entrepreneurship skills, by learning how small businesses like these can be extended and succeed in their domain.
Apart from this, we also visited some beautiful places and tourist attraction in the island like the ancient castle of Myrina, The Museum, Philoctetes cave, Kaveiria, Hphaisteia’s theatre, Ammothines and Panagia Kakaviotissa. Of course, we couldn’t hesitate to go to several unique beaches of the island and have fun with our friends.
During those happy moments we also did some volunteer work by cleaning the coats, so as to make the environment healthier and beautiful.
All in all, this last Erasmus experience was incredible. We had the chance to meet amazing people and form strong relationships. That’s why it was hard to say goodbye for the last time. Although good things always come to the end, we strongly believe that we will meet again soon. Thank you for this experience!
Vasiliki Papakanaki

Primary objective of the Erasmus program in Greece was to develop pioneering ideas on how an enterprise can be led from failure to success. Consequently, a significant amount of time was given to presenting some ideas for a plan B to our copartners. We shared our ideas with the other groups and exchanged opinions about the plans and tried to evaluate the advantages and the drawbacks of each suggestion. By the end of the program, we had to not only make a presentation, but also to participate in some other activities. To be more specific, the activities we did during this week are the following:
On the first day we explored the castle where, despite the high temperatures, we admired the view. The highlight of our adventure was an encounter with a deer. Later we visited the archeological museum of Myrina. The day was concluded by a trip to the beach where we tried kayaking and sup. We paddled on Richa Nera beach during the sunset. It was amazing.
On the second day, we met the mayor, who talked to us about the positive aspects of participating at this Program. Moreover, we visited other archeological places such as the Church of St. George, the ancient theatre of Hphaisteia and the Sanctuary of Kaveiron and Philoctitis Cave. In my opinion, the best part of the second day was Philoctiti’s cave. Exploring into the cave and listening to peaceful sounds of water was a wonderful experience .
The third day we visited the Sand Dunes. Unfortunately, we had to walk for a long distance, but i think the beauty we met once we arrived was worthy. There, we jumped from a small cliff enjoyed the each other’s company through some games. It was really funny. The same day, we acted voluntary by cleaning the coast.
The fourth day, we went to Panagia Kakaviotissa. The path was rugged, but we hiked carefully at the top of kakavos mountain where a unique church without ceiling was complimenting the beautiful landscape. That day, we spent a lot of time at the beach and this was an opportunity for all of us to get closer to each other.
The fifth day was the last one for the Lithuanian and the Portuguese team, so the atmosphere was heavy. Despite the bad mood, we visited a local bakery shop and a winery. We tasted local and traditional flavors and we still had fun together.
The time of the departure was really tough. We all knew that we had to say goodbye; It was really difficult, especially because we knew that the
Erasmus program came to an end.
I know that I am going to cherish the memories of this program for a very long time, but admittedly some moments were more unique compared to others.
Right now, my mind is flooding with memories of our first meeting with the team from Lithuania. I was already familiar with them as I had travelled to Lithuania. I can’t help but remember the awkward atmosphere as we tried to reconnect and reforge the relationships we had created during our first visit. What I found astonishing thought, was that, the very same day, the meeting with the Romanian team held much more familiarity, even though we have never met again. Honestly, it felt like I have been knowing all of them for my whole life.
Other moments that I will surely remember are the nights that we went out. These nights were an opportunity for us to know each other better; we finally got to talk about our lives, our habits, our dreams and substantially learn about each other. That way we understood better things about other cultures.
Lastly, in my mind it will be forever carved the moment of the departure. It was really emotional. It is difficult to meet new people and to make new friends knowing that you will have to say goodbye in a short period of time.
Despoina Manoleri