4th Meeting – Lithuania

Nemencine, 1st to 7th December 2019



“During The exchange in Lithuania I have met different people from four different countries. I made new friends and I extended my knowledge. I have learnt a lot about business and I had a chance to practise my English during conversations with foreigners from Portugal, Romania, Greece and Lithuania. I enjoyed that stay a lot, I’ve seen so many places and if I could come back to this place I would do this.“



“It was a really interesting week. I met a new culture, traditions and traditional dishes in Lithuania. I am delighted that I could visit Vilnus and get to know some of the facts about business (for example SWOT analysis).”



“The “Erasmus+” exchange in Lithuania proved to be very fruitful for me. First of all, I was able to broaden my knowledge of running a small business – thanks to observing students’ tasks. Secondly – I learned what a beautiful country Lithuania is, and especially its capital – Vilnius. Thirdly, I met wonderful people – Poles living in Lithuania. I recommend everyone to participate in international exchanges.”



“It was an amazing time with my friends from Lithuania who I met during our Polish exchange. I learnt a lot about business and I helped in organizing volunteering events. The best place which we visited was „ Malbork near Paprocany’s lake” ( Trakai Castle) it looked wonderfully. It was the best trip I have ever been in my life.”



“I had an opportunity to visit Lithuania within project Erasmus + ‘IFEE’. I had a wonderful time there. I saw a lot of interesting places, like for example Trakai Island Castle. But I also learned a lot about business and how to improve business. Erasmus + project isn’t only about visiting places and learning but also about meeting new people and making friends. I had luck and I made some new friends. I am happy that I could be a participant of this project.”


“I really liked this week. I had so much fun making new friendships and getting to know new beautiful places and flavours!
This week I laughed, I cried, I did everything I could.
It was a funny experience!
The people were very nice to us, they received us with their arms open!
The only thing that annoyed me was the weather, because I was not used to it!
In conclusion, this was one of the best trips I’ve ever had! I learned so much of Lithuania’s culture and that’s great!
Lithuania is very beautiful and I hope I’ll see my Lithuanian friends again!“

Joana Chagas


“Heyy! So, I really loved this week, I had so much fun! I met so many cool people and places and had a lot of new experiences that I enjoyed so much. I really enjoyed my host, he was great to us all the time, and had such a good food at home. I loved going to the castle, the church, playing bowling, the Christmas tree in Vilnius and the Uzupio Republic. The only thing that I didn’t like that much was the work we had to do during the week instead of just meeting new places or do something really fun. We always had tasks for everything, we couldn’t just enjoy the place or the moments, there was always a paper we had to fill up. But besides that, I really enjoyed spending a week in Lithuania with the persons I got to know there and I will miss it very much!”

Lara Brito


“The places that we visited were beautiful but we had too many works. In general it was nice besides the anxiety. I loved to see snow even though it was really cold. Honestly i didn’t like the national food but it was fun to try different things.”

Carolina Costa


“Everything was different, even the littlest things. But, despite the culture shock and strange food, Lithuania has a lot to offer when it comes to history, architecture, art and beauty.””

Patricia Marincas


“My impressions of Lithuania:
I had a great week in erasmus programme. It was interesting and i’m really thankful to my host, who did everything to make me comfortable. Although, I didn’t like the food and the culture was very different…”

Ana Santos

“We started our journey on Saturday afternoon. The journey to Lithuania was long but quite enjoyable. We were looking forward to meet our hosts and see the beautiful Vilnius. The families were kind and friendly and we enjoyed their hospitality. We were impressed by Nemencines’ school and had a lot of fun with our new friends during our tasks and activities. The city was beautiful and picturesque and we were fascinated by the many forests in the area. The places we visited this creative week were spectacular and we admit that the best was the Gedeminas’ Tower where we had the chance to see the festive Vilnius from above. The food we tasted did not excite us (most of us) but we liked the fact that we tasted Lithuanian cuisine. The most difficult and perhaps most unpleasant moment of our journey was farewell. We had bond and met with children from other countries, Portugal, Romania and Poland and it was difficult to say a last goodbye. But we left with the hope that we will be see its other to Greece or perhaps sometime in the future. We have gained many new experiences and images from this trip and we are happy to welcome the program countries to our island in a few months time and reunite with our distant friends.”

Vasiliki Papakanaki


“The trip at Lithuania was an unforgettable experience. We went to a lot of places. The most beautiful of them was the cathedral with the white sculpture and the Trakai castle, where we made some coins. The program was very exciting and interesting and we had a lot of fun.”

Vicky Toufexi


“In the context of Erasmus+ project we had the chance to visit one of the most beautiful countries of Europe. There we managed to see and do a lot of new things. For example, we made new friends from other countries and had fun by discovering the country but most importantly we created memories that will last for a lifetime.”

Nikitas Katsoullakis


“The trip at Lithuania was really nice. We learned about their culture and their country. Especially the thing i liked the most was our visit to Gedimina’s Tower. We were able to see all the town from there. I also was really enthusiastic with the Trakai Castle and the town of Vilnius with lots of beautiful buildings.We also met children from there and from other countries.It was a very interesting trip and I hope that one day i will go again.”

Eleni Toufexi


“By participating in the Erasmus+ project we travelled to Lithuania. Surely we had fun. We visited some of their landmarks, we met new people, talked with them and learnt about their culture and mentality. If only this week could last forever…it was an amazing experience.”

Despina Manoleri

My participation to the Erasmus + project IFEE, in Nemencine, Lithuania was an amazing experience. I met new people and I saw many new and interesting places and things. The activities and the places I visited were amazing. I had a great time and I loved being around new people, thus I developed my communication skills in English. I also learned a lot of new things, connected to being an entrepreneur, how to develop and to grow a business, how to evaluate it and make future plans for it. The activity I liked most was visiting Trakai castle, where I learned interesting historical facts and I learned how to make a coin. I would definitely visit Lithuania again !


Vilcu Ioana Bianca



This experience has been one of the best things in my life. On the way to Lithuania, I was scared that this trip wouldn’t be nice, but now after the project ended, you don’t need to ask me twice to go again.The host family was so welcoming that it made me feel like home. We had lots of amazing activities from educational ones – like SWOT analysis, or designing our own bags and perfumes, to the fun ones like visiting different touristic sights, in Vilnius and Nemencine. We have learned so much from this project-especially how to be united as a team and we made long-lasting friendships. I would give anything to have the chance to go again on such a project !


Borz Marius Gabriel



It was my first time leaving my country and I can say that it was worth it. Being able to visit Lithuania taught me how their cultures is, what kind of food they eat and how the people are there. I can say that Lithuania has beautiful landscapes and I’m glad that it was the first foreign country I have visited. With the help of the activities I learned how to develop a business which I hope it will help me in the future. If I have the chance to visit Lithuania again I would do it without any doubt ! 


Fîrţală Maria Doina


For me, this experience was one of the most beautiful things that have ever happened to me, in my 17 years of life. I made new friends, which is quite important to me. This project helped me develop my English. I really liked the activities and places I visited. Maybe one day when I will be able to travel alone, I will go back to Lithuania. I really would like to go with my family, because it is worth it. The activities were very well organized. I learned to work as a team even with people I didn’t know. For me, the activities were quite fun, especially when we had to present what we did. But the trips were my favorite. I think if it weren’t for team activities with other countries it probably wouldn’t have been that interesting. With the help of activities, I made friends with students from the other countries easier and we had great time together! Thanks Lithuanian team !


Tepeş Bobu Raluca Elena


Visiting Lithuanaia has been the most mesmerizing experience in my life. I made a lot of friends and learned a lot about Lithuania as a country and its culture and people. With its amazing history, culture and people, it has left me with a great desire to go back.



Husariu Paul Alexandru