2nd Meeting – Poland

Tychy, 18th to 22nd March 2019



“There are schools all over the world which take part in ‘Erasmus + Project’. I am really grateful that ‘Kruczek’ also participates in it and gives us an amazing chance to take part in international exchanges. It is a great opportunity to broaden our horizons in the area of knowledge about different customs and traditions. What is more, we can practice and improve our language skills – which are crucial in the modern world.

From 18 th to 22 nd of March we were hosting our guests from Portugal, Lithuania, Greece and Romania within the framework of an ‘Erasmus + Incubator for Future European Entrepreneurs Programme’. On the first day our foreign friends had a chance to verify their knowledge about Poland in a quiz which was made by Polish students. After this competition there was a lunch break and we took our guests round the school. Then they went to the hosts’ homes to get ready for an international evening – event which is organized every exchange to get to know more about countries and traditions. It includes tasting traditional food, learning about customs and the most entertaining part of the event – local dances performed by students from other countries. On Tuesday we participated in very interesting workshops about volunteering and entrepreneurship. On the third day we went to one of the most beautiful Polish cities and, as far as I am concerned, in Europe too – to Kraków. We were sightseeing the city in a really interesting way – we played a location based game. We ate tasty dinner and after that we had about 2 hours of free time. We came back home very tired but everyone was delighted by the beauty of this famous Polish city. On Thursday we had a chance to meet an entrepreneur from Hilton Foods company, watch his presentation and listen to what he was saying about the functioning of a big company. He gave us some really useful tips how to start a business and how to behave properly during the job interview so we can maximize our chances to be successful. The same day we went to Oświęcim to a concentration camp – Auschwitz-Birkenau. We believe that being history conscious is crucial if we want to understand one another. The last day was probably the most exciting for us, because we went to visit ‘Guido’ mine in Zabrze. We went down about 320 meters, what was interesting we were about 200 meters under the sea level because the mine is situated on a hill. After this fascinating experience we went back to school and took part in the official ending ceremony of the exchange. It was really sad because the time we spent with our guests was probably the best I had ever had.

To sum up, although the week which we spent with our international guests was really intensive because of the trips and all the preparations, it was magnificent. The knowledge we acquired during the exchange and all the memories that will remain in our hearts for a very long time are priceless. A lot of us made friends and we hope we will stay in touch for years.”

Students impressions

“The experience of the Erasmus + project in Poland was amazing, full of exciting activities from which we learned a lot. School, students and teachers were very welcoming with us and we felt integrated from day one. Sublime landscapes and places fascinated me throughout the week spent here and I discovered how beautiful Poland is. I learned new things, like new ways how to help needy people, things about teamwork and we all had a real lesson about the history of the extermination camps in Auschwitz, which taught me that we have to learn history in order not to repeat the mistakes of our ancestors and to love people around us, regardless of race and ethnicity. The activities were interactive and educational, they did not let us get bored.The inter-cultural evening surprised me through the diversity of the partners’ traditions. One of the most exciting activity was the games to discover Krakow, in which the competitive spirit showed off from everyone. We discovered the city, through challenging tasks. The trips organised there, helped me make new friends with whom I hope to keep in touch for a long time. Last but not least, the family I was so lucky to stay with for a week, was wonderful. They made me get the best impression about how nice and hospitable Polish people are. I owe them a lot not only for what they gave us, but also for the vast cultural exchange they had with us.It was a memorable week!”

Andrei Rares Baroi


“Erasmus+ mobility in Poland was for me, one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever lived. I made many new friends- I hope for a lifetime-and I learnt many things about different cultures and customs, especially about the Polish hospitality and cuisine. The program was very well organized, we visited great places like Krakow and Guido mine, and others with a huge historical and emotional value, like Auschwitz. We learned useful things about volunteering, exchanged experiences and good practices about entrepreneurship and participated in funny games.The host family where I stayed was very welcoming and they made me feel like home. Everything was interesting and useful and it seemed to me that the week passed too fast.”

Andreea Emilia Baroi


“For me the students exchange program of Erasmus+ project in Poland was an unique experience. It was an amazing opportunity to learn lots of thing about entrepreneurship and voluntary work and of course about the Polish culture, directly from a Polish family. I saw some impressive places some wonderful like Krakow, others like Auschwitz full of sadness, but important as history lessons.I became friend with most of the hosts and students from other countries and that was great. The trips were really interesting.I enjoyed the activities a lot, especially the international Evening- when we shared some traditional food and sweets and taught each other traditional songs and dances. To conclude, I would like to say that everything was better than I expected and I would really like to participate again.”

Ioja Denis

“This project not only made me know a new culture but also new friends. Erasmus+ was an unforgettable experience and it gave me the opportunity to get to know another country in a different way. I chose this picture exactly because of the people I got to know, and the good friendships I made, that was the most important part. Thanks for the opportunity.”

Inês Tomé


“I liked the whole experience, but the most interesting  trip was to Auschwitz. Besides that, I liked everything. The food was very good, the weather too, and of course, Iga’s family was amazing. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the trip a lot.“

Jorge Lopes


“Erasmus+ project was a unique and greatful experience where I had the opportunity to meet new people and implore my English. It was quite a satisfying experience and I´m very glad to have met the wonderful country of Poland. What I most liked and a great memory that I brought home was my host, Maria!”

Inês Sousa


“In my perspective, the week we spent in Poland was very educational, cultural and very very fun, it let us meet new people, new places, new experiences while we still gained some very useful knowledge. I would also like to thank everyone involved including hosts, teachers, pupils and everyone who made it happen, and that I am very excited to have you guys in Portugal.”

Daniel Machado


“I loved how My Family hosted me, they where super lovely and caring. I spent quality Time with My host and we got along very well. The only downside on this trip was the fact that it only lasted one week.”

Lea Ferreira


“I really enjoyed the week in Poland; I especially liked the visits to historical monuments, it was an opportunity to see different architectures! I also really enjoyed the time spent with my colleagues and hosts!”

Ricardo Caetano

“Getting together from different countries and cultures, speaking different languages and sharing hard tasks as well as joy of life together in tolerance and understanding. These are the things that impressed me most during the second project meeting in Tychy. A number of important activities were organised during the project week. The first day started with both the formal and informal integration of all project groups. The students introduced themselves, showed their homework such as presentations, leaflets and business cards. In the afternoon, there was International Evening with national meal/drinks, with song and dances. Thanks to the coordinator Agnieszka Koszyk and her colleagues as well as students from the lyceum, we had a well organised and full of events week. During the City Game in Cracow we had a great opportunity to get the feeling of its history and people living there. On one chilly day we visited concentration camp in Oswiencim and Auschwitz/Birkenau. It was my first visit there. It is a place where thousands of people were tortured and killed. All of us felt pain for all that happened here in the past, it schould not repeat in the future. A visit to Zabrze’s Guido Coal Mine was a great adventure to each of us. Getting down 345 meters below ground in a rattling cage elevator, viewing numerous tunnels and shafts with dusty and noisy still working drilling equipment, travelling by wuppertale suspension railway and visiting the deepest underground restaurant is kind of everyone’s dream. The trip to Tyskie Brewery also made a very great impression on us. I would like to thank all Polish friends for giving up their precious time and hospitality.”

The member of Lithuanian project group,

Irena Dzvinel

Our trip in Poland was an unforgettable experience. First of all we met new people from a foreign country and as a result we made new friends and we learnt about polish culture and a total different way of thinking. We, also, lived with polish families; we tasted traditional homemade polish dishes and learnt about every-day routine. At the same time we visited beautiful sights in Cracow and Katowice and breathtaking historical places such as Auschwitz and Birkenau. Last but not least we learnt about volunteering work and entrepreneurship through conversation and interesting games.

Manolis Arkas
The trip in Tychy, Poland was one of the most amazing experiences in my life! First of all, my host and his family were so kind with me and they made me feel like I was in my home. Furthermore, Polish students were so friendly with us and they help us with whatever we wanted in their school. Last but not least, the small trips that Polish school organized were definitely the best part of our week there! Krakow, Zabrze and especially Auschwitz.
Thank you Erasmus+ and Poland!

Giannis Leotsakos

I’ve traveled a lot in my life, but Poland was one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever seen. My host and her family treated me so kind and made me feel so comfortable that I enjoyed my accommodation even more. Also, the Polish students ensured that we had a great time. But the most important experience for me is the excursion the Polish school organized to Auschwitz. Thank you Erasmus+ and Poland!

Stafania Markaki

My trip to Poland was one of my favorite experiences. I really enjoyed the time living with my friend Julia and her family as they treated me with the kindest way. I met a lot of new people from the countries they came. Also, the small trips that we did like going to Krakow and Auschwitz were educational and I learned things that I did not know and found them interesting. In addition, I liked all the subjects we did because we worked as a team. Finally, I am happy I choose to participate in this program because I gain a lot of experiences.

Olga Michalopoulou

Thanks to the Erasmus program, my classmates and I got to travel to another country where we explored a different culture, met a lot of interesting people and visited some of the country’s most famous landmarks while also learning about entrepreneurship. This trip was a once in a lifetime time experience that taught us not only useful information about our business careers in the future, but also how to break cultural barriers and work with students from all over Europe. Overall it was very beneficial for everyone involved as we all had fun but at the same time learned many important life lessons.

Niki Tsiakiri

The Erasmus statute has been for many years one of the most representative examples of the cooperation among the nations but above all Erasmus is one of the most exciting ways to broaden your horizons and get to know other nations, cultures and of course , people. In Poland all of these things happened for me but to be honest there are no words to describe this amazing experience. The family that hosted me was absolutely excellent there was no moment that I couldn’t feel like being home. My hostess, Marta is definitely one of the most incredible people and I am lucky enough to be her friend. She will always have a Greek home as I will always have a Polish one. The country was delightful and all the places that we visited were magical, most of all Krakow it was like a moving fairytale. The Polish culture is amazing we got to know their traditional food, dances and customs. The Polish people are warm and kind and always willing to make you feel comfortable. The school that hosted us was beautiful and well-organized we learnt so much there. Our
teachers, that accompanied us, were perfect and made us feel great . I clearly have the best memories to share from Poland and the best impressions that I could possibly have!

Georgia Mpratsioti