São Brás de Alportel, 16th to 20th September 2019

Project Meeting

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“From 14 th to 20 th September, I participated in the 3 rd international activity, of the Erasmus+ project, Incubator for Future European Entrepreneurs, in Portugal. The city we stayed in, was Sao Brás de Alportel, a really nice place, with many beautiful sights and landscapes, a lot of coffee and traditional food shops, where we tried local foods and sweets, which we don’t have at home.
After a long trip we arrived and I was very lucky to stay with a very warm and funny family. The first day, we had a free day with the family and they showed me the neighbourhood, took me to a local restaurant and we went to Faro to walk and see some sights. On Monday, we attended the Welcoming Ceremony, at the City Hall, and we walked a bit around the old village of Sao Brás, then we visited the school and had lunch at the canteen. The food was great! We had a short break and in the afternoon we visited the local Costume Museum and watched a short film about the Cork route. On Tuesday, we went to school and we presented our videos and works, the activities which all teams did at home, connected to the project, then we had a workshop on ‘How to expand a business’. We made a website for people who suffer from diabetes and on our app they could scan how much sugar it is in each food, and we also created a virtual restaurant only for them, where we serve food with low sugar. On Wednesday, we had a cultural visit to Portimão, we visited a factory and a museum of canned sardines. After this we went to a wonderful and very special beach – The Rocky Beach- where we got some tan and we could swim in the ocean, then we went home to relax. In the evening, we went out to have a picnic and fun with the other local and international students! On Thursday, we had the Cork route trip and we visited a local cork entrepreneur where we had a discussion on the topic “Socially-responsible business and entrepreneurship”. In the afternoon, we went on a boat tour on the Ria Formosa Natural Park and visited Farol Island. On Ria Formosa Natural Park and we had a voluntary activity- we cleaned the beach. On Friday, we visited Tavira ancient town and went to a mini concert of Fado music and had some fun activities at Barril fishing village beach. In the evening, we had a farewell dinner at a local restaurant in Sao Brás. We went home to get some rest, because very early in the morning we had to leave. The experience was great, the food was really good and the people greeted us with a really good and warm heart, they were friendly and funny! I’m sure that sometime I will return to Portugal!”

Nan Maria Daria


“It was a great experience ! I spent a week in a big lovely family! They made me feel like home! They really tried to do everything for me, just to make me feel comfortable.
The activities were educative, interesting and really nicely put in the schedule, so that we had an useful and enjoyable week. I learnt a lot of things connected to business and entrepreneurship, I saw a lot of old and new buildings – museums, churches, houses, factories (the cork factory, rush handmade works), typical villages, all in all, I discovered the wonderful area of Algarve. A fact that impressed me most, was on Farol island, where we were; Portuguese people do care about the environment and the places where they live! I was surprised to see how clean it was; we had to do a volunteering activity of cleaning the beach but it was almost spotless.
Portuguese culture is beautiful and impressive- I really liked the Fado concert from a cathedral in Tavira. It was a bit hard for me to get used to the local food, which was mostly fish; it wasn’t bad, but not on my taste! As a first time experience in Portugal, it was a great one ! Everyone there was ready to help, friendly and kind to us. Personally, I wasn’t expecting to be treated that well, it was a nice surprise, and I’m waiting for the next opportunity to go back!”

Sabina Andreea Baban


“My time in Portugal was amazing! The family were nice, very friendly and they made me feel like home! The food was very good and tasty!
From the activities I participated at, I learned about the importance of involvement, the environmental protection and the foundations of a successful business. Teens should be more interested in business and entrepreneurship!
My favourite activity was the volunteering activity of collecting the garbage from the beach, on Ria Formosa Natural Park, because it’s very important for the creatures living in the sea and for people as well, to live in clean surroundings.The places and landscapes were also wonderful, we visited a lot of historical places and monuments.We had a lot of great time with the students from school. The activities from Erasmus+ project taught me a lot of important and useful things!”

Andreea Mezei

“Before coming to Portugal I thought that azulejo is just a tradition . To my surprise it’s not, you can see those beautiful tiles almost everywhere, even on modern houses.”

Iga Matras


“It has always been my dream to go to Portugal. This dream came true this year when I had an opportunity to take part in the international exchange which was tremendous. I went there with my friends and this fact increased the attractiveness of this trip considerably. There was nothing I was disappointed with. The atmosphere was familiar and pleasant. Despite the fact that we were tired because of the long journey we had a great time. The views from the plane and the coast were terrific and breathtaking. It all came up with my expectations and I’d like to participate in it one more time.”

Filip Kowalczyk


“Traveling to Portugal has always been my dream. Thanks to IFEE program I had pleasure to visit that beautiful country. I went there with two English teachers and a group of my friends, some of whom were close to my heart because we had known each other for a really long time. The atmosphere was extremely friendly, everyone was very nice and kind. All the views that I have seen and customs and traditions I’ve learnt about will stay in my head forever. Everything was perfect, there’s nothing to complain about. Overall the exchange met my expectations and I have to say that it was the best thing that had ever happened to me.”

Mateusz Kunert


“I have had an amazing week in São Brás de Alportel in Portugal on Erasmus+ exchange. The family, hosting me was very polite, cheerful and always wanted me to feel like home. We took part in plenty of interesting activities – we visited ancient town of Tavira, canned sardines’ museum in Portimão, enjoyed the beach. We had an opportunity to do some voluntary work – cleaning the beach of Farol Island – and to learn a bit about enterprise by visiting a cork factory and talking with local entrepreneur, also at school workshops. Generally, it was an unusual experience, where I have learnt a lot, improved my English and met friends who I will remember for years.”

Oliwia Puchała


“This was my first foreign exchange. The 10-hour plane trip from Tychy to Faro was a little bit exhausting. My first impression there was all about pretty views and of course – the ocean. I had a pleasant experience living with my host – Inês. This adventure enriched my knowledge about foreign cultures and I got less problems with accepting cultural differences. All in all, I think that every student should attend some form of student exchange during their life.”

Maria Okoń


“An amazing week among many hospitable people – Portuguese teachers, local and school authorities and international students. It wasn’t my first visit to Portugal but this time I could experience it in a different, deeper way than when I was just a holidaymaker. Meeting all the enthusiastic Erasmus+ teachers and students, local people with passionate approach to whatever they do in their lives made me think about Europe and Europeans in an optimistic way. Following the American fashion I nicknamed Faro “The City of Low-flying Planes”.”

Agnieszka Drong