1st Meeting – Romania

Gheorgheni, 2nd to 7th December 2018



“The first meeting of the Erasmus+ project, “Incubator for Future European Entrepreneurs” was held in early December of 2018, at Liceul Teorectic “Sfantu Nicolae”, Gheorgheni, Romania. In the very first day, which was Sunday 2nd all the kids arrived at their hosts, it was our beginning…

Monday, 3 rd December began with a smile on my face. We met at school where everyone was welcomed with salt and bread because in Romanian tradition these two elements symbolize the acceptance and it is a sign of goodwill. Then, we all started to get to know each other, we had a short artistic moment where some of us sang or danced and then followed the welcoming speeches, offered by the headmistress and the authorities. We had a coffee break and then icebreakers where we got to know each other better, through some games. After this we had a school and a town tour, a visit at the Town Hall, at the local museum and at the Armenian Church. In the evening, we all went to bowling. It was great fun.

On Tuesday, I was happy too and inpatient to work. We had the presentations of countries, school and regions and after that students from the participating countries, presented their business ideas. We had our first lesson of entrepreneurship and then we visited a local company- Larix SRL and we had a business plan observation to do, for the next lesson of entrepreneurship.

On Wednesday, 5th December I was getting slightly tired but still enthusiastic. We learnt from a former student of our school, how to run a successful business & an NGO. After that we had another lesson about entrepreneurship – we learnt how to start a company while the teachers discussed and interpreted the initial questionnaires and prepared and made plans about the next project meetings and activities. We had some voluntary activities where we made some Christmas decorations from recycled materials and later we raised money by selling them. In the evening we watched the fireworks and then we had an artistic programme made by our students and teachers at Cultural House.
Thursday was my favourite day because we visited Brasov and Bran, Dracula Castle, climbed on Tampa and saw the Black Church.

Friday, the last day for almost everyone, was a bit sad for me because I realized that tomorrow the week will get to the end and everything will be like one week ago-monotonous and boring. The participants learned the Romanian traditional sport “Oina”, a traditional Romaian game “Moara” and after that we had the last lesson of entrepreneurship- how to make a business card and a promotional business flyer. For me, this week was amazing, I met a lot of nice people with warm hearts. I learned about different cultures and I realized how different we are, but special in our own way. I think I will never forget this moments and all these beautiful people!”

Nan Daria


“This year’s Erasmus+ project meeting was a great experience for me. I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people and intelligent children with whom we will have long friendships. The activities were interesting, useful and exciting and helped us to work together and to get to know each other. I also had the opportunity to host two wonderful children: a girl from Lithuania and a boy from Portugal. Coming from different countries we exchanged ideas, impressions, I got to know different traditions and mentalities. I can say that in these seven days, we were like a family and at their departure we all had tears in our eyes. They are two very clever, understanding, cute and talented children, I have learned a lot from them and we are still in touch.
I am very happy I am part of this project!”

Baroi Andreea

“I really enjoyed exchange in Romania. It was my first experience with the Erasmus project so I was fascinated by practically everything. I liked a lot the lessons of entrepreneurship especially when the leader of the thriving company had his presentation. It was great time with amazing people who were hospitable and very friendly.”

Zuzanna Robaszewska


“For me the greatest experience from Erasmus project in Romania was a trip to Dracula’s Castle because I love old places and history. I also loved climbing the mountain in Brasov. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people and get to know about their cultures and traditions mostly during an International Evening.”

Anna Hachuła


“Participation in the project was a very valuable experience. I met many interesting people. I could check my English. … First flight by plane, first stay in Romania, first time in Erasmus + … It was worth it.”

Anna Łęszczak

“I have to admit that before I arrived to Romania I was super nervous, but when I got there I felt nothing but happiness. All the nerves disappeared and only joy because of being with you was left. This experience gave me many friendships that I will never forget and that I hope to relive. I’m thrilled to receive you and I only wish you could all come. Thank you for making me feel like I was home and for giving me the best week of my life with the best people!

P.S.: I have to thank Anda and Alexandra, because they were the best!!!! And I just want them to know that I love them and that I will always carry them on my heart! (Fat and Happy)”

Helena Lourenço


“I was a little bit scared to participate in this project, just for the simple fact that I have never travelled alone or slept in a stranger’s house before. But even so, my experience was awesome. I met really nice people, I saw places I have never seen before, I learned some Romanian words and I made memories that I will never forget.”

Joana Barriga


“The week spent in Romania with the Erasmus + project was a great opportunity and I am very happy to have been a part of. We were able to practice our knowledge of the English language and also learn a few words and expressions in Romanian (Mulțumesc pentru tot). It was a very good experience for me, and I have met people with whom I hope to have a long lasting friendship!”

Elara Stephanow


“This experience was one of the best in my life. Being able to meet a new country, a new culture and new people was awesome. I will take with me everything that I have learned on the professional and personal level. It was a week that could only have been better if it had lasted longer, I was very well received, I had a lot of fun, I improved my English and I made friends that I will never forget.  Thank you so much for everything that you did for us.”

Bárbara Timor


“In Romania, the thing I liked the most was the people’s welcoming attitude, they were very nice and pleasant to me. I also really enjoyed learning to speak Romanian, the language is interesting because it’s similar to the Portuguese. I really liked my host family, we were welcomed like the other Romanian people!”

Priscila Rocha

“The trip to Romania will remain in our hearts because of breathtaking Transilvanian sceneries, Christmas spirit at the colourful Christmas fair in Brasov, the mysterious Castle in Bran, the arrival of St. Nikolas in Gheorgheni. At the Day of Town we had a chance to enjoy the Romanian songs and dances, also to admire the beautiful handmade traditional clothes that every Romanian proudly wears for their national celebrations. It goes without saying that the Project week in Romania was very useful for students, future entrepreneurs . They learnt how to start a business, visited a local businessman. They bounced their ideas about developing their our own business after visiting Dracula‘s Castle. Plus, students enjoyed cooperation with their peers, practiced English exchanging innovative ideas on different social projects. Together all students made ecological Christmas gifts which were later sold to raise money for some disadvantaged local families – what a wonderful way to prepare for Christmas! We took this experience back home and students arranged a Christmas fair of self-made gifts to help a family who suffred from a fire. But above all, we all were able to strike long-lasting friendships, made interesting cultural connections, and took a glimpse at the daily life of Romanian people. We are all grateful to Carmen, the Romanian Team for ensuring best of cultural experience for us, many thanks to the hosting families who made our students feel at home.”

On behalf of Lithuanian IFEE Team

Inesa Ruseckai

“It was a well-organized meeting, marked by its friendly atmosphere and intimate setting. Instrumental in that, was the behavior of Carmen and the other teachers, as well as the enthusiasm and eagerness of the students. So, it was easy to break the ice between people, communicate with each other and express their mind. It was an unrepeatable and unique meeting and we are looking forward to the next.”

Vasiliki Tzanni


“I had an amazing trip at Romania. First of all the family who took care of me this week was very polite and I think that they couldn’t be better. Also I learned lots of things about entrepreneurs and volunteers from the lessons we did. Last but not least I made lots of new good friends who I hope to see again soon.”

Marios Palatianos


“My trip in Romania is unforgettable. First I love the archaeological sites, because they were very unique. The activities that have taken place I learned lot about the volunteering and the entrepreneurship. My favorite activity is the Christmas designs. My host was very good, because the family was very hospitable and good-hearted people. I met a lot of friends with different languages and daily life, this is very important for me. In this trip we visited a lot of public sights one of them is the palace of the Dragon. I had a great time and have fun. I am very lucky because I was given this opportunity.”

Fenia Krommydelli