Agrupamento de Escolas José Belchior Viegas


About us

We are working as a group of schools since 25th June 2010 and the main school is Escola Secundária José Belchior Viegas, the only high school within the group. We have three kindergartens, a primary/kindergarten school, six primary schools, a secondary school and a high school. Our group of schools is situated in the mountain but not far from the beach area, since the Algarve has a strong touristic component. We have a rural area and an urban area, some families dealing with poverty problems and a big percentage of elderly people. We can point out unemployment or temporary work as two important issues affecting our society. There is a strong group of immigrants (about 23 different nationatlities) from different places auch as: Ukraine; Moldavia; Bulgaria; Romania; Russia; Germany; The Netherlands and United Kingdom and also from Brazil. They are welcome and their cultural legacy is valued trough intercultural projects. Children and pupils with special needs are well included and each has a specific programme according to their specific needs (intellectual and/or physical). We have a management team – one headmaster and three headmasters’deputies, schools’ coordinators, specific subjects’deparments and specific school subjects’ groups (e.g. Foreign Languages Deparment – English/German group). There is a Pedagogical Commission (with representatives of all the departments, parents and pupils) and a General Comisssion (composed of the following representatives: teachers (from all school levels), pupils, workers, parents, municipality and society representatives (institutions, companies or individuals). The last one is responsible for all the major decisions within the group of schools. There is a “Projeto Educativo” – Educational Project that sets the goals for four years. It can be updated each year according to the needs and it leads the guidelines for each “Plano Anual de Atividades” – Annual Activities’Plan. We have 1480 students, some of them (650) with economical needs. Some families are dealing with poverty problems and we have a big percentage of elderly people. We can point out unemployment or temporary work as two important issues affecting our society. Our students are really willing to get familiar to the various European countries and to understand their different cultures in order to understand their specific way of life. This would be extremely helpful for the pupils to increase their learning motivation and to adopt a healthy lifestyle and entrepreneurship skills. Our school has already some experience in EU projects and will support the project with all activities the school will be asked to do, willingly. Besides we will make this project well known in our school and community. We will exchange good practices which have been implemented in our educational system, improving the students vocational training, students will also be able to travel abroad and they will contact with different cultures and customs.


Nídia Amaro
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