Liceul Teoretic Sfantu Nicolae


About us

“If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.“ – Chinese proverb

Educate people… This is what Liceul Teoretic ,,Sfântu Nicolae” from Gheorgheni, Harghita County is trying to achieve every day, ever since 1992, when it started as a new school. This theoretical school, located in a small town in Transylvania, got its name a few years later, in 1995.

Liceul Teoretic ,,Sfântu Nicolae” has about 300 students ( aged from 7-19), 25 teachers and 10 auxiliary staff ( secretary, accountant etc.). Its main profile is general education, so the students are able to gain knowledge studying a wide range of subjects. The students study in high school ( 9-12 grades) Maths and Sciences or Arts( Philology). Although the level of the students is average we are proud to say that some of these students won prizes ( county and national level) at Romanian Language, History, Biology, Maths, English and French. There are also students with rather poor school results who strive for improving their grades and exam results.

The school is quite well equipped having wireless internet connection and an ICT lab in which all the students ( from the 5 th to the 12 th grade) study ICT or Informatics. Our teachers have ICT courses and certificates, fact which allows them to teach interesting and modern lessons, using computers, smart board, projectors, PPT or Prezi presentations. All our classrooms have at least one computer and a smart TV.

Our students enjoy participating in many extracurricular activities organised by our dedicated teachers, which help them shape their character. There is a wide range of such activities: trips, competitions, local and international projects- painting, music, crafts, literature, environmental protection. There is also a theatre club in our school where students who like theatre and French, perform at school festivals, playing in French and Romanian language.


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